Letter from the CEO

Dear Esteemed Partners and Customers,

Alltec has gone through many changes and significant growth over the 25+ years in the lightning and surge protection business.  Behind our success is a team of dedicated, passionate people that continue to strive for excellence in innovation and customer satisfaction.  Our pioneering spirit keeps our mindset young and unafraid of change – a necessary conviction in today’s progressive business climate.

We believe that it is our obligation to set good examples for others to follow and thereby have faithfully fulfilled our corporate social responsibilities.  We are here today thanks to the confidence and trust our partners and customers have in us.  We strive to create the best possible experience for our customers every single day.  The outlook for 2017 is promising as we look to explore and implement new tools and technology to keep us on the cutting edge of our industry.

In closing, on behalf of the Alltec Family, we want to thank our many clients we have serviced over the years and look forward to future opportunities.  We truly value all of the strong relationships we have developed and will continue to foster those relationships in the years to come.

Happy New Year!

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