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Alltec Protection Pyramid

MAY 2, 2008

Lightning is an unpredictable act of nature. A “bolt from the blue” can occur 10-20 miles from the cloud source, and power transmission lines can carry extreme voltage transients many miles. It is prudent that certain steps be taken to protect people, equipment, and buildings; the TerraEval™ Advanced Solution Assessment engineering service is specifically designed for this purpose. Alltec’s three-step Protection Pyramid™ implementation begins with the installation of a stable, low resistance and low impedance grounding system to bond all electrically conductive surfaces together. TerraDyne®, TerraFill®, TerraBar®, and TerraWeld® grounding product lines are utilized to safely direct lightning energy to the earth and away from equipment and structures. After providing a stable grounding system, it is important to properly install a transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) system, such as our DynaShield® line of TVSS products. Only then, is equipment truly protected from both open and short circuit transients traveling on incoming electric, rf, telephone, coax, and data lines, as well as other internal equipment, and from direct surges, secondary, and electromagnetic effects. Finally, a well-designed structural lightning protection system will be installed. TerraStat®, TerraStreamer®, and traditional lightning protection products, are offered to fulfill this role of ensuring safety from direct lightning strikes.

We ensure our customers the highest caliber of services and products through our continual investment, testing, and evaluation of lightning protection, grounding, and transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) components and systems. Innovation and sound engineering practices combine in Alltec’s research efforts. We partner with and direct national and international university level experimentation, analysis, standardization, and certification efforts in the field of lightning protection and grounding systems. Furthermore, our products are independently tested by preeminent scientific laboratories, universities, and certification authorities. Unequivocal results back up our Alltec AdvantageSM.

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