ISO 9001 Quality Assurance


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We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction and follow strict quality guidelines to ensure that we meet or exceed our customer’s needs. When dealing with the risks associated with lightning and power quality issues, it is imperative that every effort is taken to use the highest quality products and adhere to the highest standards for protection services.


ALLTEC is devoted to providing customers with superior-quality services and products. With this commitment, we have implemented comprehensive quality systems throughout the organization. Our methods, while not always the least expensive option, result in industry leadership in customization, quality assurance, and shortest lead times. Total quality management is embedded in ALLTEC’s philosophy and corporate culture.

  • ALLTEC is an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Registered company.
  • Internal management systems have been designed to monitor and maintain quality at all levels of service and production.
  • Our manufactured products are designed to utilize a common pool of raw materials when possible.
  • Modular products ensure a lean inventory of raw material and the flexibility to customize to client requirements.
  • Workcell assembly-focused manufacturing process (as opposed to a batch process) allows us to effectively address diverse product requirements, while keeping high quality output.
  • We are able to cater to highly customized requirements based upon standard product designs, with short lead times.
  • Customers are the center of our focus. We insist that just being good is not good enough, and as such, we work to exceed our customers’ expectations and to constantly improve our quality systems and processes to meet changing customer needs.