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Data Centers house expensive equipment, which require special heating/cooling, cabling, power supplies, and security. The value of information and information services provided by Data Centers often surpasses the value of the equipment on which it is hosted.  Indeed, continuity of information technology (IT) operations is imperative for a business’s continuity and its success or failure.  Information is expected to be available every hour of every day without a mishap.
ALLTEC understands how inadequate power management, improper grounding, and unforeseen lightning events can impede the high reliability, integrity and functionality, intrinsically required by Data Centers. Standard equipment racks, elevated floors, cable trays, Surge Suppression Devices and special bonding and grounding considerations are basic to modern data center design and implementation.
ALLTEC’s products and services can help data centers:
  • Reduce the risk of downtime
  • Protect critical facilities, personnel, equipment, records, and assets
  • Reduce the risk of disruption to critical operations
  • Protect reputation, and maintain competitive posture
  • Build a disaster resilient enterprise
  • Internet Server and Extranet Server Farms
  • Internet Data,  Corporate Data, Application Data and Remote Backup Centers
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Alltel, USA
  • Level 3 Communications, USA
  • MCI/WorldCom, USA
  • Time Warner/AOL, USA