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Military barracks, equipment shelters, observation towers, shooting ranges, and a host of additional structures have all benefited from ALLTEC’s products and services.

Safety of personnel and the equipment they depend upon is a mission driven priority, often mandated by guidelines and specifications specific to the military branch and site function. ALLTEC works with the responsible authorities to assure designs are qualified and materials are as specified. If the application is unique, ALLTEC will work to develop custom specifications that will meet a range of general and specific requirements as needed to exceed objectives.

ALLTEC’s worldwide experience in engineering surveys, design, material acquisition and supply, and installation makes us a prime contracting partner for any military, defense, or homeland security need for lightning protection, surge suppression and grounding, anywhere, anytime.

ALLTEC’s commercial solutions aim to:
  • Reduce the risk of downtime
  • Protect critical facilities, equipment, records, and assets
  • Provide safe working environment for personnel
  • Help ensure continuous delivery of essential services during time of crisis
  • Ensure critical information is available when it is needed
  • Reduce vulnerability of interdependent critical infrastructures
  • Homeland Security
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marines
  • National Guard
  • Coast Guard
  • Border Patrol
  • Indian Air Force, India
  • Indian Army, India
  • Royal Thai Air Force, Thailand
  • South Carolina Air National Guard, USA
  • United States Air Force, USA
  • United States Army, USA
  • United States Marine Corp., USA
  • United States Navy, USA
  • U.S. Department of Defense, USA