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The transportation industries’ goals are to deliver goods and people from one location to another safely, efficiently, and on-time. 
These goals are threatened by delay or cancellation of schedules, which is exactly the threat that lightning and poor power quality pose.  Electrical transients generated from direct and indirect lightning strikes can adversely affect track circuits in railway operations, damage traffic control equipment, cause massive property damage, halt operations, and pose physical harm to personnel and customers.  Beyond property damage losses, the economic consequences from cancelled or delayed schedules can cost millions of dollars.
Proper grounding and bonding, surge suppression, as well as a lightning protection system can help protect equipment and the services relying on this equipment, plus protect employees and clients from harm. ALLTEC’s knowledge and experience in solving the unique problems of the transportation industry translates to safety, security and savings.
Review our general ALLTEC Rail Road Application Map for a better understanding where we suggest adding ALLTEC Products to safeguard your equipment and facility.
ALLTEC’s Transportation solutions can aid in:
  • Reducing the risk of downtime, delayed, or cancelled schedules
  • Protecting critical facilities, equipment, records, and assets
  • Providing safe environment for personnel and customers
  • Reducing vulnerability of interdependent critical infrastructures
  • Protecting reputation and maintain competitive posture ALLTEC’s Telecommunications & Broadcasting
  • Airport: Runway and Navigation, Terminals and Support Buildings, Parking Lots and Toll Plazas, Fuel Storage, Radio Navigation Facilities
  • Railways: Track Circuits, Switchyards and Depots, Passenger Areas, Remote/Solar Instrumentation Enclosures
  • Road: Automobile Rental Storage, Trucking Depot/Hub Areas, Traffic Control Enclosures, lights, intelligent signs.
  • Maritime: Ships, boats, and Yachts; Docks and Trans-shipping Areas, Container Storage Areas
  • Protection of critical operational equipment such as data and communication centers
  • CSX, USA
  • Norfolk Southern Railway, USA
  • Federal Aviation Administration, USA
  • FedEx – USA
  • Florida Department of Transportation, USA
  • Georgia Dept. of Transportation, USA
  • Indian Railways (RDSO), India
  • Indiana Department of Transportation, USA
  • Kennedy Space Center, USA
  • North Carolina Dept. of Transportation, USA