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Alltec LLC announces E. F. Lombardi Co. as our new manufacturer representative company

Alltec LLC, a global leader in grounding, surge suppression (SPD), and lightning protection technologies, today announced they have extended their distribution channel through a new agreement with E. F. Lombardi Co. as its manufacturer representative in North Carolina and South Carolina.

The agreement includes distribution of the entire range of Alltec products. “With    E. F. Lombardi Co. as our manufacturer representative, we increase our presence in the local market” said Thad Mecham, Sales & Operations Manager of Alltec LLC. “Our goal is to continuously improve our customers’ experience in every aspect. Expanding our network of sales and support personnel and being in close proximity to where our customers are is a key initiative towards achieving that.”

About Alltec LLC:

Since 1991, ALLTEC has been a leader in applying global engineered solutions which reduce the risks associated with direct and indirect lightning strikes, as well as diminishing the hidden effects of surge events. We have focused continuously on innovating new technology, improving solutions, refining product quality and enhancing customer service. As “Solution Providers for an Energized World” we offer a total facility protection approach to solving the world’s most difficult lightning, power quality and grounding problems.

About E. F. Lombardi Co.:

E. F. Lombardi Co. is a warehousing electrical manufacturer representative company for North Carolina and South Carolina. E. F. Lombardi Company presently has a customer base of approximately 400 recognized electrical distributors.


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