National Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2016

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National Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2016

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2016

Lightning can occur during most storms, which means lightning is a threat everywhere. When it occurs, it can cause significant damage to your business operations, valuable assets, and critical electronics. Knowing proper lightning protection practices is ALLTEC’s expertise. As a reliable solutions provider, ALLTEC services and products can protect your facilities from the risks of lightning strikes, mitigate the impact and can save you trouble and money.

Less well known, lightning generates electrical surges that damage electronic equipment some distance from the actual strike. ALLTEC has reinvented the way that companies and business owners protect themselves from harmful transients and indirect lightning strikes. ALLTEC’s proven products and services for grounding, surge suppression, and lightning protection provide comprehensive facility protection.

During the National Lightning Safety Awareness Week, it is a good idea to review your insurance policy to make sure you have sufficient coverage to protect the investment you’ve made in your business. Furthermore, if you have existing lightning protection systems in place, we can provide an adequacy evaluation, as well as annual inspections. If you are considering risk mitigation, please contact us. Our system engineers, specialists, and sales representatives will be happy to assist you.

For more information about lightning, ALLTEC’s engineering, products, and services, visit or call us at +1 828-646-9290.

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