Alltec Introduces Its New LSC-7D Lightning Strike Counter - Know the Risks - Protect Against Them

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Alltec Introduces Its New LSC-7D Lightning Strike Counter – Know the Risks – Protect Against Them

At any moment there are almost two thousand thunderstorms in progress around the world. As a result the atmosphere endures around 100 lightning strikes per second, or about 8,640,000 times each day. Alltec’s Lightning Strike Counter registers and records these strikes for you. This information is then used to enhance lightning protection security and increase the effectiveness of inspection and maintenance procedures. Linking a lightning strike to a physical event, such as structural damage, equipment failure, or data loss is important, and may indicate costly vulnerabilities and the need for additional protection.

Requiring no external power supply or internal battery for operation, the attractive, robust and functional design of the LSC-7D includes a NEMA 4X/IP66, UV stabilized polycarbonate enclosure with surface mount flanges, which is UL94V-0 flame rated and suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation. These enclosures are built to provide protection against extreme environmental conditions and hazards.

Outstanding Features in the new Lightning Strike Counter :

  • No Maintenance
  • Easy to Installe
  • Easy to Monitor
  • Provides Security
  • Weather Resistant

Unique in both operation and design, the LSC-7D uses a 2-wire connection to any metal conductor for the detection of lightning induced voltage, so conductor dimensions are unimportant. System failures happen. Replacing equipment is expensive. Often the cause of problems remains undetermined. Lightning damage can be obvious but is often subtle and the underlying cause of undocumented failure. The LSC-7D Lightning Strike Counter keeps track of the number of times that a facility or equipment has suffered a direct strike and can assist in determining the need for additional means of security such as grounding, surge suppression and lightning protection.

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