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Lanzamiento del dispositivo de protección contra sobretensiones de CC

Canton, NC – ALLTEC LLC announces the immediate availability of the new ADPV Series of surge protection devices. These devices are designed to protect DC photovoltaic and wind power systems against lighting and transient surges. Customer Impact – [...]

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Protección de cámaras de seguridad y equipos de radiocomunicación

ALLTEC has developed the best lightning protection system for security camera pods and radio/signaling communications equipment through their cooperation with a US rail transportation company and a wireless provider. ALLTEC was invited to investigate one rail site after [...]

Encuesta de protección contra rayos para sitios de radar Radome

ALLTEC was contracted to perform a lighting protection study of several AN/FPS-117 and AN/FPS-124 radar sites part of the American Canadian North Warning System. Because these radar systems are predominately located in northern latitudes, they have unique environmental conditions [...]

No es solo una varilla de Franklin

Lightning rods are also known as an air terminal, lightning conductor, finial, and strike termination device provides a conductive path to ground. Charge dissipation terminal -- or charge redistribution terminal -- uses point discharge to reduce static charge [...]

Expansión de ventas y distribución en América Latina

Canton, North Carolina -- ALLTEC advances its market share in Latin America due to current and future growth potential in the telecom, mining, and renewable energy industries. For six years, ALLTEC’s one direct sales manager operating in Bogota, Columbia [...]

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Minimizar los riesgos para las instalaciones satelitales

The goal for ground-based satellite audio and video services is to be online 24/7. Any unplanned service interruption or equipment breakdown has a negative impact on customer satisfaction, industry revenue, and profit margins. Industry professionals generally accept that [...]

Sensor de imágenes de rayos (LIS) de la NASA

Introduction: The Importance of Collecting Lightning Data Lightning has long been a source of intrigue and debate. Despite what we have learned about lightning over the centuries, there is still more to learn. Scientists [...]

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