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AMV Series

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ALLTEC’s AMV Series Medium Voltage Surge Protection Devices (SPD) serve as a facility’s first line of defense against surge related peril by absorbing unwanted bursts of surge energy before it propagates into the low-voltage power distribution system.


They are equipped with both Normal and Common Mode suppression components to limit surge voltage amplitudes to safe levels. They prevent equipment insulation breakdowns as they equalize the surge current between Phases and shunt it to Ground. AMV SPD products operate in tandem with low voltage SPD systems by reducing the amount of surge energy that could otherwise overload the facility’s smaller low voltage surge protection equipment. AMV SPDs employ premium grade Station Class Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) and ruggedly constructed hermetically sealed low-loss/low inductance surge capacitors that work together to outperform single element arrestor products. They are designed for easy installation at building entrances to protect electrical distributions ranging from 2.4kV to 34.5kV.

AMV surge suppressors can also be utilized to protect medium voltage generators, variable frequency drives, and motor loads up to 29.94kV. A single AMV Series SPD can be deployed to protect groups of small motors drawing power from a common motor control center (MCC), or at MCCs supplying power to explosion proof motor loads operating in hazardous locations. A NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure is available for extreme or corrosive installations.

Features & Benefits
  • Premium grade ‘Station Class’ MOVs offer highest energy capability and lowest discharge voltage
  • Hermetically sealed low loss surge capacitors increased protection by decreasing the transient rate
  • Current limiting fuses provides “fail safe” operational protection in event of MOV failure
  • Bus bar connections enhance performance with lower impedance than conventional wire conductors
  • Remote Indication means you always know how your system is working
  • NEMA 4X welded galvanized steel enclosure means low maintenance in adverse environments
  • Marine epoxy ANSI 61 paint gives a durable finish
  • Stainless steel hardware eliminates most corrosion concerns
  • Hinged access door for easy installation and inspection
  • Internal & external grounding points allows easy and versatile grounding options
  • Optional wall or motor mount flanges provide easy and flexible installation options
  • Any facility where comprehensive cascaded protection is desired to ensure the highest degree of immunity from critical electrical distribution and/or motor load operational disruptions and failures.
  • Designed specifically to protect medium voltage transformers and motor loads commonly employed by the Oil/Gas Industry, Mining Industry, water / waste water facilities, Chiller applications, and overhead construction cranes.
Standard Model Specifications (PDF)
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