Data Signal Protection

KSB Series

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The backbone of your company is data and the sophisticated communications systems used to reliably access it.

Imagine the impact and cost to your company if these mission-critical equipment systems went down. Unexpected electrical transients can compromise or disrupt voice and data communications, costing thousands in repairs and lost productivity.

These costs are unnecessary if a facility is properly designed and maintained. By following the principles of the ALLTEC Protection Pyramid, all copper wires that carry data signals that enter a facility or equipment enclosure

Our data/signal line transient surge protection products provide the protection you need to help eliminate damage, disruption and costly downtime. In addition, our power quality solutions are backed by a team of seasoned power quality professionals who understand communications systems as thoroughly as the products they sell. A few facts about your application allow us to quickly determine the correct data signal protector to best guard your companies valuable data systems.

The KSB Series is a range of surge protection devices using proven reliable hybrid circuitry solutions. These exceptional units are designed specifically for industrial environments for applications ranging from measurement & control systems, process equipment, I/O systems and communications networks. The KSB Series offer a hybrid protection circuit combining the fast response time (< 1 ns) of high energy silicon diode technology with the high energy capability of Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs). The resulting circuit quickly and safely diverts damaging transients away from your sensitive process control, measurement, instrumentation, datacom and telephone equipment.

KSB UltraSlim
KSB UltraSlim

The UltraSlim DIN family measures 12mm wide and combines the tried and tested protection of the industry accepted KSB series and adds modular protection module for fast and easy maintenance. This surge protector was designed for process control applications and is available in 7V, 24V, 48V and 110V versions with a current capacity of up to 1A. The SPD base maintains signal continuity when a module is removed for maintenance.

KSB UltraSlim
KSB UltraSlim III

The Ultraslim III DIN family measures 6mm wide and are available in 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V and 110V versions. These SPDs are suitable for all 3-wire applications including 4-20mA loops, control systems and detection equipment. Screw terminal connections allow cable shield continuity.

KSB UltraSlim
KSB UltraSlim V

The UltraSlim V DIN family measures 7mm wide, offers all the great benefits of the original UltraSlim II package with the addition excellent three wire protection levels. These SPDs are designed for all 4-wire applications, including transmitters, sensors, thermocouples, resistance temperature detector and high bandwidth applications

KSB UltraSlim
KSB Cube

The Cube family has been designed specifically to meet the rigorous requirements of high speed data links with an extremely high bandwidth. KSB Cube units can protect a wide range of communication systems such as: RS232, RS422, RS485, Bus powered systems, 10/100 Base T, T1/E1, coaxial video, satellite, POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). Connection styles include D-sub, BNC, F, RJ11 and RJ45. Rack mounted varieties are available.

Features & Benefits
  • DIN rail mounting for easy installation
  • Thin profile matches industry standard I/O terminal sizes
  • Industry standard connector options, including Screw terminal, BNC, F, RJ45, RJ11 and D-sub
  • Shield terminals allows easy connections for continuous cable shields
  • Wide variety of voltages to fit your specific industrial application
  • Modular protection for fast and easy maintenance (Ultraslim only)
  • SPD base signal path maintains signal continuity when protection module removed (Ultraslim only)
  • Grounding via DIN rail or wire for flexible installations (Ultraslim only)
  • SCADA Process Control
  • Instrumentation & Measurement
  • Protects most 2, 3 and 4 wire applications including transmitters, sensors and thermocouples
  • RS485 / 422
  • RS232
  • 4/20 mA loops
  • Video & Security
  • 10/100 Base T
  • Satellite
  • Analog & digital phone lines / modems