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ALLTEC is thrilled to announce the 2016 ALLTEC University training classes, which will feature seminars and courses taught by the ALLTEC engineering team, highly experienced experts in the field of Lightning Protection, Grounding, and Surge Protection Technology.  We expect a dynamic learning experience for all attendees to our courses via a collaborative and supportive environment, with each participant leaving with a toolbox of resources to bring to his or her work in the field.

Our ALLTEC University curriculum will include:

Grounding System Overview
  • Purpose and Importance of a Low Resistance Grounding System
  • Common Types of Grounding in a Standard Industrial Facility
  • External (Outside) Grounding System Design Consideration
  • Ground Potential Rise (GPR) and Its Effects
  • Grounding System Modeling and Simulation Analysis
  • Internal Grounding System Considerations
  • Post Installation Testing of Installed Grounding Systems
  • Indirect Effects of Lightning Energy- Coupling Voltages and the Requirement of a Good Bonding System
Power Quality and Surge Protection System
  • Power Disturbances & Transients
  • Investigation & Case Study
  • Solutions
Lightning Protection System Overview
  • Lightning Protection Standards
  • Design Process & Methods
  • Available Lightning Protection Technologies

Details on location and schedules will be announced in spring 2016. Customized group trainings for specific industries such as Wireless/Telecom, Oil/Gas & Petrochemical, and Industrial facilities are available. For more information, contact Jim Grasty, Engineering Manager, at 828.646.9290 or