System Engineering Services

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Protecting your organization takes a comprehensive approach.

Developed by ALLTEC, the TerraEval™ Advanced Solution Assessment combines our capabilities to facilitate the design of your grounding & bonding solutions, surge protection, and lightning protection systems to meet any industry or customer specific performance specifications and requirements.

ALLTEC Consulting Solutions for Our Clients can Include:
  • Historical Analysis
  • Site Plan Analysis and Zone Determination
  • Establish Scope of Work
  • Testing & Site Engineering Evaluation
  • Data Analysis & Computer Modeling
  • Risk Assessment
  • Formal Report, Assessment of Compliance, Recommendations for Improvement

ALLTEC conforms to any global standard such as IEEE, UL, NFPA, LPI, API, IEC, UNE, NFC, Motorola, IEC, and customer-specific & other global specifications. For more information on specification compliance go here: Standards & Code Specification Compliance.