System Engineering Services

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Innovation and sound engineering practices combine in Alltec’s custom Engineering and Design services:

Special problems require special solutions, and we are ready to design, engineer and manufacture the answers to our client’s needs while conforming to application, specification, and budgetary necessities.

ALLTEC Engineering & Design Solutions for Our Clients can Include:
  • CAD Drawing Creation – Current State
  • Engineering & Design of Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems – Future State
  • System Modeling (Grounding & Lightning Protection)
  • Design Optimization for Cost & Performance
  • Grounding Safety Step and Touch Analysis
  • Lightning Risk Assessment
  • Design Validation
  • Internal Review & Sign Off
  • Client Approval
  • Materials List & Specifications
  • Material Supply of Standard & Custom Engineered Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Devices
  • UL Master Label Compliant Designs Certified by LPI Master Designer/Installer Personnel

ALLTEC conforms to any global standard such as IEEE, UL, NFPA, LPI, API, IEC, UNE, NFC, Motorola, IEC, and customer-specific & other global specifications. For more information on specification compliance go here: Standards & Code Specification Compliance.