ALLTEC Recognized as a Top Solar Product Provider in Solar Power World Magazine

Canton, North Carolina – ALLTEC has been recognized in the Top Solar Products roundup featured in the Solar Power World Magazine, November 2018 edition.

The TerraStreamer® ESE terminal was chosen as one of Solar Power World Magazine’s Top Solar Products in 2018. These products were selected for being the best and brightest products on the market. You can view the list of top solar power products here.

The TerraStreamer early streamer emission terminal is scientifically designed and rigorously tested to provide exceptional performance, durability and long service life. These systems are proactive; they are designed to self-activate in the moments directly preceding an imminent direct strike by creating an upward propagating streamer earlier than conventional air terminals or other objects on the earth. TerraStreamer does this by collecting and storing ground charge during the initial phase of a thunderstorm development.

These devices combine the best advantages of two systems: the direct path to ground of a conventional lightning protection system and state-of-the-art ESE technology employed in the TerraStreamer’s physical design. Another benefit of this system is that there is often significantly lower cost of labor and material to install the entire system as compared to a traditional Franklin rod system.

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Since 1991 ALLTEC has been a leader in applying global engineered solutions which reduce the risks associated with direct and indirect lightning strikes as well as diminishing the hidden effects of surge events. ALLTEC specializes in customized design & engineering solutions for grounding/earthing & bonding, surge protection, and lightning protection. With decades of knowledge and experience, ALLTEC is able to advise best methods for risk mitigation and ultimately apply those evaluations as comprehensively engineered solutions for today’s infrastructure challenges. ALLTEC offers a comprehensive facility protection approach to solving the world’s most difficult lightning, grounding, and power quality problems.

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