Alltec firma a nuevos representantes de fabricantes para ampliar la cobertura en EE. UU.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Canton, NC – Alltec LLC is excited to announce the appointment of six new manufacturer’s representatives spanning the US to better meet customer needs and growth. These firms will offer Alltec’s’ full range of lightning [...]

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An Alliance for Better Grounding – ALLTEC and E&S Grounding Solutions

Canton, NC – Alltec LLC is excited to announce an alliance with E&S Grounding Solutions, a company known for their “gold standard” grounding solution expertise. E&S will be an extension of the Alltec team, thus [...]

Lanzamiento del dispositivo de protección contra sobretensiones de CC

Canton, NC – ALLTEC LLC announces the immediate availability of the new ADPV Series of surge protection devices. These devices are designed to protect DC photovoltaic and wind power systems against lighting and transient surges. Customer Impact – [...]

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Expansión de ventas y distribución en América Latina

Canton, North Carolina -- ALLTEC advances its market share in Latin America due to current and future growth potential in the telecom, mining, and renewable energy industries. For six years, ALLTEC’s one direct sales manager operating in Bogota, Columbia [...]

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