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DynaShield® Surge Suppression & Protection Devices

When clean, uninterrupted power is crucial, ALLTEC’s next generation surge protection devices are ready to provide the highest level of performance for the safety and reliability of your electrical systems.

Our surge protection devices incorporate many industry leading components including patented thermally protected MOV technology, some of the most advanced filtering, extremely reliable monitoring, and a commitment to supply the safest SPDs.

Electrical disturbances will occur. You must ensure the lifespan of your expensive electrical equipment is not compromised by protecting it with the best SPDs on the market. ALLTEC’s DynaShield surge protection devices provide superior protection and support for a wide variety of applications.

A power quality system is not complete unless it includes strike termination devices, surge protection devices, and a grounding system. ALLTEC’s Protection Pyramid depends on DynaShield surge protection products to fill this space in its comprehensive facility approach. Contact an ALLTEC solutions expert today to see which surge protection device fits your application best.

Surge Suppression

The second tier of protection diminishes the significance of random high-energy, short-duration electrical power transients through properly installed surge protective devices. These occurrences are typically caused by atmospheric phenomena (such as lightning strikes), utility switching, inductive loads, and internally generated overvoltages.

You can view typical installation locations in the application maps to the right by locating the numbers 5 and 6.

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Find your surge suppression device by service voltage and/or Imax per phase

Features & Benefits

  • Full Mode Suppression

    • Dedicated “common-mode” suppression circuits to suppress lightning induced activity
    • Dedicated “normal-mode” suppression circuits to suppress non-lightning generated transient activity
  • Dual encapsulated suppression components ensure (certain models):

    • Efficient, high-performance operation
    • Wide operational temperature ranges
  • Low leakage current characteristicsNeutral/ground monitoring circuitry and internal circuitry problem indicator

  • Patented rapid response thermal disconnecting mechanism ensures safe operation

  • Listed UL 1449-4th edition for TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 applications

  • High 200 kArms short circuit rating (SCCR)

  • Surge counter, audible alarms, and dry relay contacts (certain models)

  • An array of NEMA 4 & 4x rated enclosures

  • Integrated Fault Indication Contact

  • High surge current capacity

  • Fast response and recovery

  • Tight clamping levels

  • Frequency reactive filtering

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Surge Suppression

DynaShield® ADSc


DynaShield® ADSc surge protectors are high-performance surge protectors designed specifically for critical panel locations.

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DynaShield® ADSi


With the DynaShield® ADSi series surge protection devices, companies can trust their mission-critical and expensive electronic equipment is protected. It protects all phases and modes against transient surges.

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DynaShield® ADSlp


Thoroughly protect equipment found in commercial and industrial lighting panels, HVAC, traffic signals, security systems, and other sensitive electronics with DynaShield® ADSlp surge protectors.

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DynaShield® ADSrm


A cost-effective surge protector for any critical location in your facility from high-risk sites, such as telecom & petroleum, to point-of-use equipment; such as laboratory devices, manufacturing equipment, and computers

Visit DynaShieldⓇ ADSrm

DynaShield® ADSrs


To protect modern homes’ most significant expense, electronic devices, the DynaShield ADSrs surge suppression device protects all equipment including appliances such as dryers and ranges, HVAC, as well as home entertainment systems.

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DynaShield® ADSx


DynaShield® ADSx series hardwired AC surge protection devices (SPDs) are fast responding devices designed to offer superior voltage protection levels at high surge currents.

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DynaShield® PT-RD AC


Protect single phase low voltage AC power supply system against transient surges at LPZ1 and higher with the PT-RD AC surge suppression device (SPD).

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DynaShield® PT-RD DC


The PT-RD DC surge suppression device is designed to protect DC power supply system against transient surges at LPZ1 and higher. Ideal for use in SCADA Systems, PLCs, and most other sensitive electronic equipment.

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DynaShield® KSB LC


The KSB LC surge protector is designed for use at LPZ 0A-2 or higher to protect 2 wire unbalanced analog circuits, such as 4-20 mA loops

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DynaShield® KSB LJ8


The KSB LJ8 surge protection devices are designed to protect single RJ-45 connector for 10 BT/100 BT/1000 BT data signals with transmission rates up to 1000 Mbps

Visit DynaShieldⓇ KSB LJ8

DynaShield® KSBT SC


Designed for use at LPZ 0B-2 or higher, the KSBT SC surge suppression device is used to protect 2 wire unbalanced analog signals typically used in measurement and control circuits such as thermocouples.

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DynaShield® KSBT C


The KSBT C series is designed for use at LPZ 1-2 or higher to protect 2 wire single pair unbalanced analog circuits, such as 4-20 mA loops.

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