Commercial and Industrial solutions for lightning protection, grounding, and surge suppression come in a wide range of applications from the open spaces of a golf course to high-tech convention centers. Yet, despite each application’s varying challenges, all require the need to eliminate unacceptable safety risks to equipment, personnel, and clients.

ALLTEC’s engineering department can ensure that any lightning protection, grounding solution, or surge suppression technology is designed and implemented to its fullest capabilities.

  • Banks/Financial Institutions

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Entertainment Facilities

  • Chemical/Petrochemical

  • Office Buildings

  • Distributions Centers

  • Golf Courses & Clubhouses

  • Retail Centers
  • Wood Products/Paper Mills

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ALLTEC understands how inadequate power management, improper grounding, and unforeseen lightning events can impede the reliability, integrity, and functionality intrinsically required by data centers.

  • Remote Backup Centers

  • Network Operations Centers

  • Cloud Solution Providers

  • Corporate Data Centers

  • Data Warehouses

  • Application Service Providers
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Power generation facilities rely on sophisticated electrical systems. Digital, as well as newer low-voltage analog, systems are more vulnerable than older analog systems to power surges and electromagnetic interference. Personnel safety, equipment protection, and service reliability are imperative to facilities that provide critical power generation.

  • Fossil Fuel Power Generators

  • Nuclear Power Generators

  • Wind, Solar, & Hydrothermal Power Generators

  • Electrical Substations

  • Transmission & Distribution Facilities

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ALLTEC takes into consideration special circumstances that government, education, and institute facilities are faced with when protecting its facilities, personnel, and operations. Our design and installation experience using NEC and NFPA regulatory requirements, supplemented by our knowledge of LPI, UL, and IEEE guidelines, allows us to design the best and most cost-effective systems. Turnkey bid-to-completion is one of our specialties.

  • Health & Human Services

  • Educational Institutions

  • Governmental Agencies

  • Law Enforcement

  • Correctional Institutions

  • Housing & Urban Development

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Petrochemical equipment, transportation, processing, and storage facilities are susceptible to possible upset or catastrophic failure in mission-critical systems.

Human, material, and technical resources are at risk every time a storm approaches. Protection against direct and indirect effects of lightning strikes as well as transients and electrical noise is recommended to improve operation reliability, protect equipment and materials, and provide a safe working environment for personnel.

  • Homeland Security
  • Army
  • Navy

  • Air Force

  • Marines

  • National Guard

  • Coast Guard

  • Border Patrol

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Safety of personnel, equipment, and facilities is a mission-driven priority often mandated by guidelines and specifications specific to the military branch and site function. ALLTEC assures designs are qualified, and materials are as specified. If the application is unique, ALLTEC will work to develop custom specifications that will meet a range of general and specific requirements.

ALLTEC is a prime contracting partner for military, defense, or homeland security’s lightning protection, surge suppression, and grounding needs.

  • Exploration

  • Extraction

  • Refineries

  • Offshore

  • Storage

  • Tank Farms

  • Pipeline

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Telecommunications & broadcasting facilities are the foundation for industrial and commercial activity, which are essential for economic growth. These facilities create quicker reaction times and facilitates the exchange of information globally, thus promoting better awareness of society and the human condition. When communication and broadcast facilities go off-line day-to-day communications halted and critical services such as ambulance, fire, and police resources and responses are also compromised.

  • Wireless Broadcast
  • Wi-fi Antennas

  • Cell Towers

  • Instrumentation Shelters

  • Digital Radio


  • Land Line/Fiber

  • Broadband

  • Equipment Enclosures

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Get people and goos from one location to another safely, efficiently, and on-time. Lightning and poor power quality threaten these goals. Electrical transients generated from direct and indirect lightning strikes can adversely affect track circuits in railway operations, damage traffic control equipment, cause massive property damage, halt operations, and pose physical harm to personnel and customers. Beyond property damage losses, the economic consequences from canceled or delayed schedules can cost millions of dollars. ALLTEC’s experience solving the unique problems of the transportation industry translates to safety, security, and savings.

  • Airport: Runway and Navigation, Terminals and Support Buildings, Parking Lots and Toll Plazas, Fuel Storage, Radio Navigation Facilities

  • Railways: Track Circuits, Switchyards and Depots, Passenger Areas, Remote/Solar Instrumentation Enclosures
  • Road: Automobile Rental Storage, Trucking Depot/Hub Areas, Traffic Control Enclosures, lights, signs
  • Maritime: Ships, boats, and Yachts; Docks and Trans-shipping Areas, Container Storage Areas
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