Surge Suppression

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A complete lightning protection system includes strike termination devices, surge protection devices, grounding electrodes and the required interconnecting conductors, connectors and fittings.

To ensure 99.999% of service availability and to prolong the service life of mission-critical equipment, facilities must be equipped to dissipate damaging levels of transient surge energy. UL 96A recommends installing UL Listed surge protective devices on each electric service entrance per NEC Article 285, ANSI/NFPA 70. DynaSheild® devices are available for main and sub panel, hardwired, DIN rail, data signal, and custom SPD applications.

Review our general ALLTEC Surge Protection Device Application Map for a better understanding where we suggest adding surge protection to safeguard your equipment and facility.

ALLTEC’s Protection Pyramid depends on DynaShield® products to support ALLTEC’s comprehensive facility protection methodology. The second tier of protection in the ALLTEC Protection Pyramid comes from properly installed surge protective devices which diminish the significance of random, high energy, short duration electrical power transients. These occurrences are typically caused by atmospheric phenomena (such as lightning strikes), utility switching, inductive loads, and internally generated overvoltages. The ultimate goal of our approach is to keep sites and systems operating safely and reliably.