TerraBar Bus / Ground Bars

ALLTEC manufactures TerraBar brand copper bus bars and offers a full line of available hole patterns and sizes along with all the associated mounting hardware and insulators.

Along with standard hole sizes and patterns, ALLTEC has a full inventory of raw materials in various sizes, which provides the capability of fast turnaround time for any custom bus bar configuration. ALLTEC also offers the option of tin or nickel plating for any bus bar and has the capability to provide TerraBar bus bars with ground leads exothermically welded to them.

ALLTEC’s engineering and design department, in conjunction with its manufacturing facility, is available to assist in custom designed grounding products to fit any application. ALLTEC purchases and stocks all of its materials in high volumes to provide clients with fast service at competitive pricing.

  • Various hole sizes and patterns
  • Exothermically welded ground lead option
  • Custom bus bars available
  • Special plating options
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TerraBar Applications

Bus bars are used in a variety of applications to consistently distribute the power of system loads. Bus bars applications typically are found on switches, circuit breakers, motor controls, and as a common ground point. You can view typical installation points in the application maps to the right by locating the number 4.

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