TerraStreamer ® Early Streamer Emission Terminal

TerraStreamer ® Early Streamer Emission Terminal

Extensive research has allowed ALLTEC to create a lightweight, low wind loading early streamer emission (ESE) system to provide a safe and efficient manner of controlling dangerous lightning energy before it damages a structure or its important contents, including human occupants. The TerraStreamer ® ESE air terminal initiates an upward connecting streamer earlier than a traditional lightning air terminal, thus extending the effective range of protection above that of a conventional lightning air terminal. By utilizing this advanced technology, TerraStreamer ® ESEs provide lightning protection to facilities that would otherwise be difficult or cost prohibitive to protect by conventional means.

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TerraStreamer® Applications

The installation of a TerraStreamer® ESE terminal combines the best advantages of two systems: the direct path to ground of a conventional lightning protection system, and state-of-the-art ESE technology employed in the TerraStreamer®’s patented design. Typical applications are found at distribution warehouses, industrial plants, apartment buildings, shopping malls, shipping terminals, and other large area structures.

You can view typical installation locations in the application maps to the right by locating the number 7.

The ESE Principle

The principle of operation for ESE terminals is to create an upward propagating streamer earlier than conventional air terminals or other objects on the earth. TerraStreamer® does this by collecting and storing ground charge during the initial phase of a thunderstorm development.

  1. A thunderstorm begins creating downward step leaders
  2. Ambient electric field intensity in the area of the ESE terminal increases
  3. The terminal is triggered to release the stored ground charge
  4. Upward streamer is formed microseconds earlier than other objects in the immediate area
  5. The TerraStreamer ESE terminal becomes the target of the developing lightning strike