System Engineering Services

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ALLTEC’s  greatest strength is our complete Systems Engineering and Products Solutions Program.

Our experienced and accredited Engineering and Project Management teams apply the three-tiered ALLTEC Protection Pyramid™ approach while working with leading international client companies to develop the best solutions for each and every situation. While ALLTEC offers a full multi-phase solution for clients in need of all of our services, we can also provide a selection of individualized services which best fit a client’s unique protection needs. ALLTEC’s greatest strength is our complete Systems Engineering and Products Solutions Program.

ALLTEC offers Consulting, Engineering & Design, Project Management and Inspection/Preventive Maintenance Services.

Solutions for Our Clients:

• Protect critical facilities, equipment, records, and assets
• Provide a safe working environment for personnel
• Reduce the risk of downtime, lost revenue and productivity
• Reduce vulnerability of interdependent critical infrastructures for a disaster resilient enterprise