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Systems Engineering & Product Solutions Program

ALLTEC’s greatest strength is our complete systems engineering and product solutions program. Our experienced and accredited engineering and project management teams apply the three-tiered ALLTEC Protection Pyramid framework when developing the best solution for every situation. While we offer a complete multi-phase solution for clients, we can also provide a selection of individualized services tailored to clients’ protection needs.

  • Protect critical facilities, equipment, records, and assets
  • Provide a safe working environment for personnel

  • Reduce the risk of downtime, lost revenue, and productivity

  • Reduce vulnerability of interdependent critical infrastructures for a disaster resilient enterprise

Phase I

Consulting TerraEval Advanced Solution Assessment

TerraEval™ Advance Solution Assessment combines our capabilities to facilitate the design of your grounding & bonding solutions, surge protection, and lightning protection systems to meet any industry or customer specific performance specifications and requirements.

  • Historical Analysis
  • Site plan analysis and zone determination

  • Establish scope of work
  • Testing & site engineering evaluation
  • Data analysis & computer modeling
  • Review of existing CAD drawings
  • Risk assessment
  • Formal report, assessment of compliance, recommendations for improvement

Phase II

Engineering & Design

ALLTEC’s custom engineering and design services are innovative and based on sound engineering practices. Special problems require special solutions. We design, engineer, and manufacture products and solutions to meet our client’s needs while conforming to the application, specification, and budgetary necessities.

  • Engineering & design of grounding and lightning protection system
  • Design optimization for cost & performance

  • Design validation

  • Internal review & sign off

  • Client Approval

  • Materials list & specifications

  • Material supply of standard & custom engineered mechanical, electrical, ad electronic devices

    • UL Master Label compliant designs certified by master designer/installer

Phase III

Project Management

ALLTEC’s project management team provides strong, cost-effective professional project management services encompassing the oversight of all engineering, architectural, and construction activities as well as technical and testing support.

  • General Oversight of all project related activities

  • Resource procurement & allocation

  • Bidding document preparation

  • Oversight of project execution

  • Progress & change reporting

  • Quality control/testing

  • Maintenance program set-up & training

  • Project closeout management

  • UL Master Label compliant installation

Phase IV

Inspection/Preventative Maintenace

Developing an annual inspection program to evaluate system performance and condition is essential. When organizations choose ALLTEC to complete their inspections, they ensure their risk mitigation system continues to comply with UL 96A, NFPA 780, LPI 175, and all other applicable codes and standards regardless of changes to the standards, codes, or facilities on site.

  • Initial system verification (if not installed by ALLTEC)

  • Review damage caused by weather, mechanical, separation, or theft

  • Recommend necessary protection for facility additions or changes is use

  • Assist in preparing the facility for UL reinspection

  • UL Master Label recertification

Standards & Code Specification Compliance

ALLTEC is accredited and certified by numerous standards authorities. As an expert in the latest approved standards and code specifications for grounding and lightning protection systems, ALLTEC is a sought-after member of standards committees. When your company enlists our complete turn-key services, you ensure compliance with these organizations.

Engineering Services Brochure

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  • IEEE 80 & 81
  • UL 96A & UL 1449
  • NFPA 780
  • LPI 175 & 177
  • API 2003 & API 545

  • IEC 62305 & IEC 61643

  • UNE 21 186

  • NF C 17-102
  • Motorola R56

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