ADPV Series — Surge Protection Device

DynaShield® ADPV Surge Suppression

ALLTEC’s ADPV Series is designed to protect DC photovoltaic and wind power systems against lightning and transient surges.It offers a convenient DIN rail base with replaceable suppression modules, status window, and remote alarm contacts. 2 pole (600 VDC) or 3 pole (1000 and 1500 VDC) models are available to protect all common solar DC applications. The ADPV DC Series employs fast-acting, high-energy thermally protected metal oxide varistors (MOV) in its suppression circuits. ADPV products are equipped with a visual status window to monitor its operation.

  • High surge current capacity
  • Designed for maximum reliability
  • Easy installation
  • Thermally protected MOV technology
  • Replaceable suppression modules
  • Certifications: TUV, CE, and RoHS compliant
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DynaShield Applications

ALLTEC’s Protection Pyramid depends on DynaShield® products to support its comprehensive facility framework. The second tier of protection diminishes the significance of random high-energy, short-duration electrical power transients through properly installed surge protective devices. These occurrences are typically caused by atmospheric phenomena (such as lightning strikes), utility switching, inductive loads, and internally generated overvoltages. You can view typical installation locations in the application map to the right by locating number 5.

Model ADPV 600/2P ADPV 1000/3P ADPV 1500/3P
Designed and tested to IEC61643-11:2011; UL 1449 4th Edition
IEC Arrester Category Class II
Technology Thermally Protected MOV
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc) 600 VDC 1000 VDC 1500 VDC
Nominal Discharge Current In (8×20 μs) 20 kA
Maximum Discharge Current Imax (8×20 μs) 40 kA
Voltage Protection Level (VPL) 1.5 kV 2.5 kV 4 kV
Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) 35 kV 50 kV 65 kV
Response Time < 25 ns
Visual Status Indication Window: Green = Normal, Red = Replace
Dry Relay Contacts (for remote annunciation) Form C, Normally Closed and Normally Open Contacts
Dry Contact Ratings AC: 250 V/0.5 A; DC: 250 V/0.1 A; 125 V/0.2 A; 75 V/0.5 A
Location Category Indoor/Enclosed Only
Dimension (H x W x D) 90 mm x 36 mm x 67 mm
3.6” x 1.4” x 2.64”
DIN 43880
90 mm x 54 mm x 67 mm
3.6” x 2.1” x 2.64”
DIN 43880
Weight (Max)

0.3 kg
0.66 lb

0.55 kg
1.21 lb

Maximum Wire Size (DC terminals) Single strand 35 mm2 (#2 AWG)
Multi strand 25 mm2 (#4 AWG)
Stripping Length (DC Terminals) 12 mm (0.472”)
Torque (DC Terminals) 4.5 Nm (3.3 ft-lb)
Maximum Wire Size (Relay Contacts) 1.5 mm2 (#16 AWG)
Stripping Length (Relay Contacts 7 mm (0.25”)
Torque (Relay Contacts) 0.2 Nm (0.146 ft-lb)
Operating Temperature -40° C to +70° C (-40° F to +158° F)
Relative Humidity ≤ 95% non-condensing
Altitude ≤ 2000 m (6561 ft.)
Enclosure Protection Level IP 20
Housing Flammability Rating Thermoplastic; Flammability rating: UL 94 V-0
Certifications TUV, CE, and RoHS compliant

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