TerraDyne ® Electrolytic Chemical Grounding System

TerraDyne ® Electrolytic Chemical Grounding System

TerraDyne® electrolytic chemical grounding system provides long-term protection from lightning, electrical transients, static discharges, electromagnetic interference, and other electrical hazards. The system may be used for virtually any application where the protection of machinery, electronics, and personnel is important.

TerraDyne® enhances the performance of your electronics, stabilizes signal references, and reduces the risk of injuries. The end result is a stable chemical grounding system that provides undisturbed performance while maintaining cost-efficiency.

  • Enhances the performance of your electronics
  • Provides ultra-low resistance to earth
  • 24/7 protection
  • No dependency on ground moisture
  • Stabilizes signal references
  • Reduces the risk of injuries
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TerraDyne® Applications

TerraDyne chemical grounding ® is designed for use in any type of soil condition. Some of the many applications where it is commonly used include cellular, radio, and television broadcasting sites, computer facilities, power substations, communication centers, medical facilities, and industrial plants. You can view typical installation locations in the application maps to the right by locating the number 1.

How TerraDyne Works

TerraDyne ® EGS effectively utilizes a hygroscopic process to acquire moisture from the atmosphere. The moisture and the non-toxic chemicals inside the electrode react and create an electrolytic solution, which leaches into the surrounding soil through ports that have been positioned in the electrode. Soil conductivity improves and dramatically reduces electrical resistance between the electrode and the earth. TerraDyne® also takes advantage of another benefit: the hole bored for TerraDyne® installation is backfilled with TerraFill®. Our ground-enhancing backfill reduces impedance by increasing the effective contact area of the electrode to the soil, substantially lowering the earth’s resistance.

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