ADSlp — Surge Protection Device

DynaShield® ADSlp Surge Suppression

The DynaShield® ADSlp thoroughly protects equipment found in commercial and industrial lighting panels, HVAC, traffic signals, security systems, and other sensitive electronics.

DynaShield® ADSlp SPDs are the result of 25+ years of power quality experience tied into the smallest packages. The ADSlp’s small size and robust protection make it perfect for common locations where larger SPDs cannot be used.

It easily installs on any standard “knock-out” lighting panel and a free breaker sized from 20-40 amps. While its size is diminutive, the ADSlp still has industrial strength protection with surge levels up to 36,000 amps (8 x 20 μs)

  • 36 kA per mode of protection
  • Discrete protection on both line-to-ground and line-to-line
  • Includes pre-wired pigtails to facilitate quick installation
  • 3-year standard warranty
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DynaShield Applications

ALLTEC’s Protection Pyramid depends on DynaShield® products to support its comprehensive facility framework. The second tier of protection diminishes the significance of random high-energy, short-duration electrical power transients through properly installed surge protective devices. These occurrences are typically caused by atmospheric phenomena (such as lightning strikes), utility switching, inductive loads, and internally generated overvoltages. You can view typical installation locations in the application maps to the right by locating the numbers 5 and 6.

Model ADSlp-030
Connection Type Parallel Connected
Agency Listings Listed to UL 1449 4th Edition
Protection Modes Line-to-neutral, Line-to-ground, Line-to-line
Operating Frequency Range 50–60 Hz
Maximum Surge Current 30 kA per phase
Response Time < 1 ns
Status Indication Green LED
Enclosure Protection Level NEMA 4X, Plasatic UL 94 V-0
Dimensions (H x W X D) 3.875” x 2.082” x 1.5”
Weight (Maximum) 10 oz
Wire Connections Stranded #14 AWG
Wire Lead Length 18 “
Operating Temperature -40° F to +140° F (-40° C to +60° C)
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing

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