Lightning Protection

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ALLTEC’s experience in lightning protection for structures containing flammable and explosive materials, as well as for facilities where the installation of systems using traditional air terminals is difficult or impossible, includes the design of catenary lightning protection systems. Such a system may be exactly the solution for direct strike lightning protection you need. ALLTEC designs, fabricates and supervises installation of catenary systems.


A “catenary” is a curve formed by a wire, metallic rope, or chain hanging freely from two points that are on the same horizontal level. Arguably, the most common use of a catenary lightning protection system may be the overhead ground wire used to protect the phase conductors in power transmission lines, however, the use of catenary lightning protection for a variety of industrial and military applications is often recommended. A catenary wire may be thought of as a “horizontal” lightning air terminal.

For the protection of structures containing flammable vapors, flammable gases, or liquids that can give off flammable vapors, masts and overhead ground wires may be utilized to create a catenary lightning protection system. In addition, any mission critical facility, complex petrochemical or explosive storage facility where installation of traditional air terminal systems is not applicable both from installation and safety performance perspectives, catenary LP system are commonly utilized.

Our engineers can take special note from a lightning protection analysis and prepare installation design drawings of a complete Catenary Lightning Protection System that requires placement of lightning masts/towers, over-head ground wire, down conductors, grounding system layouts, and additional accessories. A comprehensive installation drawing of Catenary LP system will then be developed.

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