ALLTEC has developed the best lightning protection system for security camera pods and radio/signaling communications equipment through their cooperation with a US rail transportation company and a wireless provider.

ALLTEC was invited to investigate one rail site after repeated camera and equipment failures. It was determined that the yard lighting poles were features most likely to accumulate ground charge leaders and were therefore most attractive to lightning. ALLTEC recommended the use of charge dissipation technology to discharge accumulating energy from storm events. After ALLTEC’s TerraStat CDTs were installed, the rail yard has not experienced any equipment failures due to lightning.

Further field testing proved ALLTEC’s TerraStat® CDT was the correct protection method for the railway company’s unique situation. They decided to use this technology for all their operations. Now, security cameras, radios, and other equipment mounted on wood or metal yard poles are being systematically converted to TerraStat® CDT technology.

ALLTEC offers a predesigned TerraStat® CDT kit including all necessary components for mounting, bonding, and grounding for rapid installation by local contractors.  The kits come in two types for 40- and 75-foot poles and include special tools unique to the customer’s field needs. These kits are deployed for yard luminaires and associated security systems, DAS cells, and other electronic infrastructure deployments. In addition, ALLTEC DynaShield surge protection devices are a natural part of these deployments as part of the ALLTEC Protection Pyramid™ program.

If you are experiencing equipment downtime, the engineers at ALLTEC are ready to reduce and/or eliminate these costly events at your facilities.  For a fraction of the equipment replacement and lost productivity costs, ALLTEC will engineer a cost-effective solution for your facilities.  Join other ALLTEC customers across the globe who have employed ALLTEC risk-mitigation solutions to their most challenging infrastructure needs!  Backed by our team of dedicated risk-mitigation experts, we can make sure your operation is the safest possible..

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