TerraStreamer® Early Streamer Emission Terminal

Alltec is pleased to announce the approval of its United States Patent Application for the TerraStreamer® Early Streamer Emission Terminal. Alltec’s TerraStreamer® product line is a lightweight and low wind loading Early Streamer Emission (ESE) System dedicated to providing a safe and efficient manner of controlling dangerous lightning energy before it damages structures or their important contents, including human occupants. The ESE air terminal initiates the upward connecting streamer earlier in time than a traditional lightning air terminal thereby extending the effective range of protection over and above that of conventional lightning air terminals. By utilizing advanced technology, TerraStreamer® ESEs provide lightning protection to facilities that would otherwise be difficult or cost prohibitive to protect by conventional means.

TerraStreamer® ESE Terminals are externally mounted, proactive, structural lightning protection devices and are designed to activate in the moments preceding an imminent direct strike. The installation of a TerraStreamer® ESE Terminal combines the best advantages of two systems: the direct path to ground of a conventional lightning protection system, and the state-of-the-art ESE technology employed in the TerraStreamer® internal design. These combined advantages ensure that the TerraStreamer® ESE System provides a secure zone of protection.

Christopher Bean, CEO of Alltec, commented, “Receiving a United States patent on our TerraStreamer® products is a testimony to the dedication and talent of our development team. We have truly created an innovative and exceptional product that will impact the market place for years to come.”