Lightning Risk Assessment

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Lightning Flash Density

Lightning is an awesome and terrifying act of nature that causes billions of dollars in property damage each year. Lightning kills more people each year than hurricanes and tornadoes combined. Although most areas in the United States are afflicted by thunderstorms and the often severe consequences of lightning, some regions are more sensitive than others. The map below shows the average lightning flash density for the United States in flashes/km2/year.

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Map of lightning densities
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Lightning Consequence

Lightning Protection may be optional

It is determined that lightning protection is optional for your facility; however, in many cases, it is still recommended.

There are several special cases, not addressed by this lightning risk assessment, that may render the site more or less suspceptibale to lightning. In these situations, it is recommended that the user seek professional advice.

ALLTEC has the capability to perform a Detailed Risk Analysis as per NFPA-780 in addition to the simple risk analysis.

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