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ALLTEC Launches Power Distribution Unit

Canton, NC – ALLTEC LLC introduces a new device into their product line. The PDU60 Power Distribution Unit was designed for use in wireless infrastructure equipment protection applications. With its rugged yet compact footprint, swing-out dead front panel and tool-free access – it is ideal for small cell/5G base station and DAS applications.

Customer Impact – The rapid advancement of 5G and subsequent network buildouts and expansions have generated the need for a compact, easy to install and easy to service, power distribution unit. ALLTEC has a unique perspective on this need with a background as safety experts in lightning protection, surge events, as well as grounding. The final design of the unit reflects that expertise by putting technician and pedestrian safety at the forefront.

Product Details – The PDU60 Power Distribution Unit comes with integrated 120/240Vac split phase surge suppression devices to protect downstream equipment. The unit is listed to UL 67 while its integrated surge protection is listed to UL 1449 4th edition for types 1 and 2. The PDU60 Series comes in a NEMA 3R enclosure with multiple mounting options and color choices.  Internally it has a configurable AC power design with “coordinated trip curves” on main and branch breakers that hold 100% of the rated current independent of ambient temperature. This unit is service entrance ready and is ready to be paired with ground systems suitable for small cell and smart pole installations.

About ALLTEC – Since 1991, ALLTEC has been a leader in applying global engineered solutions which reduce the risks associated with direct and indirect lighting strikes, as well as, diminishing the hidden effects of surge events. ALLTEC specializes in customized design & engineering solutions for grounding/earthing & bonding, surge suppression, and lightning protection. With decades of knowledge and experience, ALLTEC advises the best methods for risk mitigation and ultimately applies those evaluations as comprehensively engineered solutions for today’s infrastructure challenges.

For more information contact us at info@alltecglobal.com!