Alltec LLC to increase Surge Protection Device (SPD) production capacity with building expansion.

Canton, North Carolina- Alltec LLC, a global leader in grounding, surge suppression (SPD), and lightning protection technologies, announced they are rolling out plans to expand on their current surge protection device production.

During the third quarter, NC State University’s Industrial Engineering Dept. performed an in-depth time study analysis at the Alltec manufacturing facility. NCSU compared current manufacturing processes to Alltec’s proposed improvements. The improvements include relocating inventory storage and repurposing it for SPD production. NCSU reviewed Alltec’s proposal and provided several optimization plans that detailed possible process flows, time savings, in-depth diagrams, and spaghetti charts. The expansion will double the current workspace and allow the processes to be reorganized in a multitude of different ways – all of which are leaner and less wasteful. Alltec expects to complete the expansion by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2019 and looks forward to continued SPD production growth.

About Alltec LLC:
Since 1991, ALLTEC has been a leader in applying global engineered solutions that reduce risks associated with direct and indirect lightning strikes, as well as diminishing hidden effects of surge events. Alltec focuses continuously on innovating new technology, improving solutions, refining product quality, and enhancing customer service. As “Solution Providers for an Energized World,” Alltec’s comprehensive approach to facility protection is used to solve the world’s most challenging power quality problems.