We’ve all been there: we’ve shipped business or personal packages, and it arrives in rather shabby condition. We hope the goods inside the packaging aren’t damaged, but often times they are. It’s frustrating to spend hard-earned money on products only to receive items mangled in transit.

ALLTEC understands that it is hard to control what happens during transit, but we do give our products extra protection against calamity. We expertly package each item that leaves our warehouse regardless of product size, dimension, or weight while keeping packaging costs down. Quality is key from production to shipping – from our door to yours.

ALLTEC’s TerraDyne® Electrolytic Grounding Rods require special packaging considerations. They come in vertical or horizontal models ranging in lengths from 8 to 20 feet per section. Each order for TerraDyne® rods comes in a custom built crate, with special cushioning and blocking to keep each rod secure for transit (Figures 1 and 2). Orders containing both horizontal and vertical TerraDyne® models can present a shipping challenge.  As seen in Figures 3 and 4; the custom crate keeps all items snug and secure.

Damaged orders result in production downtime while you wait for your reordered items to arrive. In addition, there is the hassle of rescheduling installation crews, travel plans, and worst of all, potentially filing a claim with the shipping company. Trust in ALLTEC to keep you products safe during transit and you – headache free! To find out more about ALLTEC’s lightning protection, surge suppression, and grounding solutions, visit our website:  https://alltecasssesme.wpengine.com.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4