Grounding/Bonding, Surge Suppression, & Lightning Protection for Mining

Grounding/Bonding, Surge Suppression, & Lightning Protection for Mining

Protect Large Facilities from Lightning Damage

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Mega News for Mega Structures How does it work? The TerraStreamer® ESE lightning terminal is a proactive, externally mounted structural lightning protection device. It is designed to activate itself directly before lightning strikes by emitting electromagnetic impulses microseconds before natural lightning streamers occur. TerraStreamer® creates a designated strike point while ensuring a discharge path so your [...]

Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, & Grounding/Bonding for Gas Stations

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Lightning protection, surge suppression, grounding/bonding solutions for gas stations

Grounding/Bonding, Surge Suppression, & Lightning Protection for Mining

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Grounding/Bonding, Surge Protection, & Lightning Protection for mining operations / commercial & industrial facility.

Protect Your VFD with DynaShield® SPD Products

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Has your variable frequency drive experienced damage or is not working as expected? Are you dealing with costly repairs or loss of use? Setting a new industry standard for excellence,

Protecting Variable Frequency Drives

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Protecting Variable Frequency Drives with Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) Sophisticated and highly susceptible microprocessor-based electronics and data communication networks are integrated across every sector of today's fast-paced business world. Preserving these mission-critical systems from the damages of surges, spikes, and transients ensure that these systems are protected from equipment destruction, disruption in service, and from costly downtime. How to [...]

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