¿Qué es un transitorio eléctrico?

Electrical transients are momentary bursts of energy induced upon power, data, or communication lines. They are characterized by extremely high voltages that drive tremendous amounts of current into an electrical circuit for a few millionths, up to a few thousandths, [...]

Una ventanilla única para todas sus necesidades de protección solar

Solar farms are wide-open unobstructed areas of conductive material. It’s no surprise that they are highly susceptible to lightning strikes. Direct strikes may be relatively rare, depending upon a facility’s size and location, so most damage is usually sustained [...]

Minimizar los riesgos para las instalaciones satelitales

The goal for ground-based satellite audio and video services is to be online 24/7. Any unplanned service interruption or equipment breakdown has a negative impact on customer satisfaction, industry revenue, and profit margins. Industry professionals generally accept that [...]

Expansión de la línea de dispositivos de protección contra sobretensiones DynaShield®

ALLTEC Expands DynaShield® Surge Protection Device Line CANTON, North Carolina, USA – ALLTEC LLC is known for providing surge suppression as part of their trademarked Protection Pyramid approach. In an effort to address the toughest power quality [...]

Proteja su VFD con los productos DynaShield® SPD

¿Su variador de frecuencia ha sufrido daños o no funciona como se esperaba? ¿Se enfrenta a reparaciones costosas o pérdida de uso? Estableciendo un nuevo estándar de excelencia en la industria,

Aplicaciones de control de tráfico

ALLTEC Solutions for Traffic Control Applications Traffic control sites often experience damage to electronic systems during thunderstorm activity. Various approaches towards external and internal grounding and surge protection are usually experimented with at one time or another [...]

Protección de variadores de frecuencia

Protecting Variable Frequency Drives with Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) Sophisticated and highly susceptible microprocessor-based electronics and data communication networks are integrated across every sector of today's fast-paced business world. Preserving these mission-critical systems from the damages of surges, spikes, and [...]

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