Telecommunication Towers for the Military Industry

Grounding Design for the US Marine Corps at the 29 Palms Project ALLTEC has built a reputation of solving some of the world's most challenging lightning, grounding, and power quality problems using its comprehensive facility approach. For [...]

Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression, and Grounding/Bonding for the Oil, Gas, & Petrochemical Industries

Lightning protection, surge protection, & Grounding/Bonding solutions for the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries

Grounding/Bonding, Surge Protection, & Lightning Protection for the Telecom Industry

Grounding/Bonding, Surge Protection, and Lightning Protection for the Telecommunications Industry

Grounding/Bonding, Surge Suppression, & Lightning Protection for Water Treatment

ALLTEC's comprehensive grounding/bonding, surge protection, and lightning protection solutions applied to the water treatment industry.

Surveys Part I – Grounding/Earthing & Bonding

ALLTEC Protection Pyramid Surveys — A Three Part Series If you the Introduction, you may find them by clicking on the linked text. Grounding and Bonding is one of the most critical safety procedures to reduce the potential for [...]

Telecom Grounding Systems — Part III

In Part 3 of our series on telecom grounding systems, we will concentrate on Motorola R56 Chapter 4 - External Grounding (Earthing). There are many sections in the Motorola R56 specifications, including site design and development, communications, building and design, internal grounding, power sources, surge protective devices, minimizing interference, and equipment installation.

Protect Solar Farms from Lightning Strikes

Solar farms are just big fields covered with conductive material. They’re almost asking for a lightning strike, which can damage or destroy solar panels, inverters, and other critical equipment. So it’s no surprise that lightning activity and surge-related over-voltage [...]

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