Surge Suppression

One Stop Shop for All your Solar Protection Needs

Solar farms are wide-open unobstructed areas of conductive material. It’s no surprise that they are highly susceptible to lightning strikes. Direct strikes may be relatively rare, depending upon a facility’s size and location, so most damage is usually sustained [...]

Protecting LED Lighting Systems

The conversion is well under way in many municipalities to convert roadway lighting to solid-state LED streetlight technology. The city of Asheville North Carolina has partnered with Duke Energy Progress to replace traditional 175- and 400-watt mercury vapor and 250-watt high-pressure sodium streetlights with LED luminaires.

Minimizing Risks to Satellite Facilities

The goal for ground-based satellite audio and video services is to be online 24/7. Any unplanned service interruption or equipment breakdown has a negative impact on customer satisfaction, industry revenue, and profit margins. Industry professionals generally accept that [...]

Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, & Grounding/Bonding for Gas Stations

Lightning protection, surge suppression, grounding/bonding solutions for gas stations

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