Surge Suppression

Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression, and Grounding/Bonding for the Oil, Gas, & Petrochemical Industries

Lightning protection, surge protection, & Grounding/Bonding solutions for the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries

Grounding/Bonding, Surge Suppression, & Lightning Protection for Water Treatment

ALLTEC's comprehensive grounding/bonding, surge protection, and lightning protection solutions applied to the water treatment industry.

DynaShield® Surge Protection Device Line Expansion

ALLTEC Expands DynaShield® Surge Protection Device Line CANTON, North Carolina, USA – ALLTEC LLC is known for providing surge suppression as part of their trademarked Protection Pyramid approach. In an effort to address the toughest power quality [...]

How to use SPDs in the Solar Power Generation Industry

It's widely reported that the solar industry has the resource potential to meet the global electrical power demands of every nation throughout the world. During 2015, solar beat out natural gas capacity additions with solar supplying 29.5% of all new electric generating capacity in the U.S. for the first time.

Protect Solar Farms from Lightning Strikes

Solar farms are just big fields covered with conductive material. They’re almost asking for a lightning strike, which can damage or destroy solar panels, inverters, and other critical equipment. So it’s no surprise that lightning activity and surge-related over-voltage [...]

ALLTEC appears in Wade4Wireless July Podcast

Now, who is ALLTEC? That is the company that can give you end to end solutions for not only lightning protection, but surge protection in general. It’s not just about the big surges, it is about the breakdown of equipment over time.

Metal Architecture Posts ALLTEC Article on LPS for Transportable Metal Military Shelters

Metal Architecture Publishes ALLTEC Article on Lightning Protection Systems for Military Metal Shelters. Whether the metal structure is at an oil/gas/petrochemical facility with attendant hazardous environment or a mission-critical military installation, electronics, and personnel considerations demand overall [...]

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