Grounding/Bonding, Surge Protection, & Lightning Protection for the Telecom Industry

Grounding/Bonding, Surge Protection, & Lightning Protection for the Telecom Industry

Lightning Protection Survey for Radome Radar Sites

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ALLTEC was contracted to perform a lighting protection study of several AN/FPS-117 and AN/FPS-124 radar sites part of the American Canadian North Warning System. Because these radar systems are predominately located in northern latitudes, they have unique environmental conditions to consider. This includes high and varying soil resistivity, low isokeraunic level, [...]

Minimizing Risks to Satellite Facilities

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The goal for ground-based satellite audio and video services is to be online 24/7. Any unplanned service interruption or equipment breakdown has a negative impact on customer satisfaction, industry revenue, and profit margins. Industry professionals generally accept that lightning activity is responsible for 5% of all claims each year. Lightning [...]

Ground System Resistance Vs Impedance

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Ground Rod System and Electrolytic Ground Electrode Comparison The primary purpose of a grounding system is to provide a low impedance path for currents to the earth. The effectiveness of a ground system corresponds to its capability of dissipating currents of numerous wave shapes to the earth. Various current wave shapes [...]

Telecommunication Towers for the Military Industry

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Grounding Design for the US Marine Corps at the 29 Palms Project ALLTEC has built a reputation of solving some of the world's most challenging lightning, grounding, and power quality problems using its comprehensive facility approach. For this reason, International Towers contacted ALLTEC to help facilitate its site protection [...]

Grounding/Bonding, Surge Protection, & Lightning Protection for the Telecom Industry

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Grounding/Bonding, Surge Protection, and Lightning Protection for the Telecommunications Industry

Telecom Grounding Systems — Part III

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In Part 3 of our series on telecom grounding systems, we will concentrate on Motorola R56 Chapter 4 - External Grounding (Earthing). There are many sections in the Motorola R56 specifications, including site design and development, communications, building and design, internal grounding, power sources, surge protective devices, minimizing interference, and equipment installation.

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